Project Zulu v0.2.4 Released

Released v0.2.4 with the newly programmed vultures. Including a number of small tweaks/bugfixes.
ChangeLog for good measure:
-Added Armadillo Takecover
-Fixed Sandworm and Lizard spawning in larger than intended groups
-Fixed Lizard and Sandworm sounds
-Added Sandworm sand sound when 'walking'
-Added Vultures a new mob
-Increased palm tree sapling drop rate from leaves

Spent all day working on Flying AI. Encountered a weird bug where the Flying entity would get stuck on top of a block when it tried to fly down into it. This manifested in an odd manor (what bug doesn't) where the server would just let it sit there but the client would continue making it fly like normal. Which would appear tot he user as an ghost entity which would shoot back to the ground every time the server would update (read override like a boss) the client position. Setting !world.isremote arond the movement code solved the graphical glitch while forcing the entity to always fly up when below ground level +3 reduces how often the bug occurs.

I don't know how/if I'll ever be able to make them land, which was my hope for owls in the forest. I'll probably have to hold off on those till I can fix this because while nothing in the desert can obstruct the vulture, there is a whole forest of trees with no room between them. I'd have to hold off anyway until I implement some simple A* anyway I suppose. I could try making them able to fly through leaves, but I think that might not make for a fun enemy to fight.

Maybe I'll look into a onDall/onCollide with a block to set motionY up. Or maybe I'll jsut constantly try to move up by half-block. I think thats how Notch handled mobs encountering halfblocks.

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