Project Zulu Officially Released

Project Zulu Officially Released on the minecraft forums.

I spent most of the morning fixing a bug I found testing the server last night where triggering the armadilo's 'take cover' mode caused the server to crash. The problem ended up being that the method to determine what item the player is using:

entityPlayer.getItemInUse().itemID != Item.bow.shiftedIndex;

apparently its only called clientside. isUsingItem(), however, is called server side. So I can know the player is using an item, but not what it is. So close, yet so far. At this point I pull out my hair and decide to take a break with some modelling.

The TreeEnt came out okay. Still gotta do some more work. Move the head up. Add long veins along various body pieces. Fingers. Toes on other side. I'm also thinking of small stick with a square block for leaves coming out the back. Not sure how it'll work out. But alas only so many hours in a day.

I spent the rest of the day tweaking oasis. I was going to change the current flat inline model to one where a sand dune wall formed around it but decided against it. Eventually I'll add the Dune Oasis as an alternative have one or the other spawn randomly.

Finally Packaged everything up and ran it on the server to see if anything caused it to crash. Success! Everything is working fine. I figure I can solve the armadillo problem by using EntityPlayerMP (should seem obvious but meh) as it has an itemstack and armor command. Which reminds me now to wonder how I can access the armorID for the exhaustion system but not the current item.

Anyway I don't feel like delaying the mod another day. I honestly never really cared for the take cover mechanic on a practical level. It seemed an illustration of 'look what I can do' than 'I wish it would do this'. It can still charge so it's more unique than a zombie.

Alas, Project Zulu was Officially Released on the minecraft forums. I sound my victory yodel and go watch some futurama to calm down before I go to sleep.

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