Project Zulu v0.2.6

Update Project Zulu v0.2.6 as of 14/09/2012 Download: Project Zulu v0.2.6
-Improved performance of Vulture AI
-Vultures now Cluster Above Player before engaging
-Will Attack Player when health <= #vultures * 4 (Only counts nearby vultures in "follow" mode)
-Vultures distance check now ignores Y coordinate
-Vultures Less likely to get stuck on ground when going down hill

-Jasper Block to summon is now required to see sky to perform summon
-Jasper Block will now drop itself if the summoning condition is wrong or cannot see sky
-Increased growth rate for Aloe Vera by 4x
-Added Config options for mummy to spawn in desert. Default is 0 (off). Set to 1 to allow mummy to spawn in desert / desert hills.
-Added spawn Eggs for everything, They are not Colored as of yet, but they are fully functional.
-Fixed Cloth White legs/boots not in config.

-Added Nightbloom. Spawns naturally in plains biome. At night time, will 'open' and glow at light level 9. Can be placed on dirt, grass, watered dirt, and tilled dirt.
-Added Treent. Naturally spawn in Taiga / Taiga Hills. Health: 30. Resistant to Knockbacks. Large Attack Range.

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