Project Zulu v0.2.7 Released

Project Zulu version 0.2.7 has been released, you can download it here.

Major Additions

Health: 30
Armor: 6
Collision-Attack mob. Passive.

Fur Armor
Crafted using fur which drops from Mammoths. Increases speed when worn in a snow enabled Biome by 5% per piece. Also, walking on snow reduces movement speed by 10%. When it is snowing, it is reduced by an additional 10%  (and exposed to sky).

Detailed Change log:

  • Added Mammoths
  • Added Fur and Fur armor
  • Added Creeper Blossoms, rare spawn in forests. Walking over them causes them to explode. Sneaking will not cause an explosion. Current bug: once trigger, they become invisible.
  • Performed a fix which may remove the Oasis invisible cactus bug. Will only apply to newly generated chunks.
  • Armadillos are now passive and function like pigmens in that attacking one will aggro those nearby.
  • A bug where Lizards would occasional shoot twice has been solved
  • Oasis were made more rare, will only apply to newly generated chunks
  • Water in deserts was made more rare

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