Elephant Stampeded and More Models

Lots of things being worked on since the last update. Possibly to many things at once. While I was working on models yesterday I got a little carried away. Note they are various stages of completion and are demonstrated from techne where I can't rotate pieces.

For the mimic chest I'm going with a FF style where the legs pop out. The legs have two parts that will be at angles like spider legs (again limitations of techne prevent rotation). I might end making them more like a slime if that doesn't work out.

I've also been working on Mammoth and TreeEnt animations. Mammoth is probably as close to done as its gonna get for a little while. Though I do want to improve its sound offerings. The TreeEnt animation got angry at me, so thats not even close to done.

As a proof of concept I've added stampeding to the elephants. Whenever a creature explodes nearby the herd of mammoths will run away.

It's currently kinda buggy, they'll only run a short distance and usually only react to the first creeper. There are things I can do to improve this, but there are more important problems like invisible vultures. Which is what I'm spending today working on. I might do a hotfix early tonight without any of these features and include vulture fixes plus the ability to turn them off.

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