Got Snow

I really wanted the snow biomes in Project Zulu to have snow that increases when it snows. Problem is, how do I change it without editing base classes? Simple enough, just create a custom black that if it's near the original it replaces it. Cherry on the cake is that it piggy backs on the built in functionally minecraft has where if there is no snow it'll place snow which will cause my snow to spread to that block.

Rules of Zulu Snow:
-When Snowing, Spread Upwards
-If Air Block is beside you, small chace to spread snow to it.
-Try to Fall, Maybe not if Snow Block is Above

While I got the performance to a reasonable rate (It can still get atrocious at higher height).  I'm actually not sure I like the look of it. 1-2 Snow Blocks maybe. I definitely don't like it on trees. So I'll tweak the worldGen code to make sure ZuluSnow only replaces Snow if it's not on trees.

Impressively it does make for some nice shots on taigi or iceplains bordering rivers. This is form when I set maxHeight to 10. The River one looked better when the height was 4ish. But I don't have a picture of that.

I think what i'll do is release it as a seperate mod and bundle it with PZ when I find a use for it.

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