Project Zulu v0.2.8 Released

Project Zulu has now graduated to v 0.2.8, you can find it over here.

A lot of under the hood changes in this update. TreeEnt  and Mammoth AI have been redone. These changes will form the template of future Mob AI's I employ. A lot of changes were done to the vulture entity as well in hopes of eliminating the invisible vulture problem. The only real overt change is that their attack range has been reduce.

3 new mobs are introduced as well: The Mimic, Fox, and Boar. The Fox and Boar are passive collision attack mods that have 15 and 20 health respectively. They both have a chance to drop regular fur or beef. The Fox spawns in the Taiga, Taiga Hills, Forest, and Forest hills Biomes. The Boar, however, only spawns in the Taiga and Taiga Hills Biomes.

The mimic is a more interesting mob. When dormant, it looks exactly like a regular chest. Attacking it or right-clicking will cause it to become aggressive. This currently doesn't spawn naturally.

A ton of config options to control what spawns and at what rate have also been added.

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