Project Zulu Structures

Structure List


The Cemetary is a primarily decorative structure that spawns on the surface of the world. It can on occasion spawn with a chest. Its primary utility is that it spawns with a large number of Tombstones, which are not craftable.


The Labyrinth is a single layer dungeon which contains Minotaur monster spawners. Like Pyramids chests randomly spawn and may be mimics. Certain wall segments may contain hidden chests and monster spawners.

This spawns underground (entrance is flush-ish with surface)

This structure is 25 blocks tall and has 4 'layers' which each consist of a randomly generated maze connected by a staircase. The structure naturally comes with plenty of dungeon chests (along with some sneaky mimics) and plenty of Mummy mob spawners.


Spawns water surrounded by grass and a few palm trees. Varies in size. Palm Tree details can be found in Item and Blocks section.

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