Project Zulu v0.3.0 Released

Project Zulu has now graduated to v 0.3.0, you can find it over here.

This update took a little longer than expected. This was due to me switching focus midway through its creation form creating some mob creatures to creating a bad-ass pyramid. It spawns in Deserts (not desert hills).

I've also added ExtraBiome support: mobs will naturally spawn in appropriate biomes if extra biomes is installed. Huzzah!

Couple smaller changes as well. Pharaoh boss is now considered undead. Mimics do not aggro nearby mimics when attacked and their mouth animation opens wider.

For those wanting just a mobs package, I've broken everything out into 4 packages: Core, Blocks, Mobs, and World. This is essentially experimental at this point, let me know if anything doesn't work. Everything requires the 'Core' package, but is otherwise independent, with obvious limitations: for the mobs to drop items in Block, both the mob and Block package be installed.

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