Project Zulu Mechanics


Tamed creatures have 4 modes that can be toggle by right-clicking. Idle, Sit, Follow, and Attack.
Idle: The creature will wander nearby. Will not follow the player or actively attack nearby mobs.
Sit: The creature will sit still and not move at all. Identical to Wolf functionality.
Follow: Will actively follow the player.
Attack: Will wander, attacking any Monsters it comes across.

There is a fifth "mode" indicated by the shield icon. This is triggered automatically when the Entity is attacking a target that has attacked its owner.

Note that tamed entities remain most of their own functionality once tamed and other factors may cause the entity to disregard its state. For example, child animals may choose to follow their parent instead of owner.


  1. I realize this is a discontinued feature, but if the armor mechanic returns, you might want to check for fur and hide armor from Mo Creatures, and use that if available, rather than injecting another set.

    1. Technically my fur armor can be disabled, if desired, such that you don't have "double " of two items. Personally I view them as different enough that I might want to use both, but I leave that as an option to the user.

      Adding functionality for other mods items is desirable. Though is my ability to do so without adding a depency is limited. For features/mechanics I'd at the least like to add some form of API. Ideally I'd prefer a way for the user to input the items they'd like to be supplied. Allowing other devs to focus on their mods.