Project Zulu v0.5.5/0.6.0 and Support for MC 1.4.6

Download here. Minor Changes. Finished rewriting a few more mobs: Finch, Mammoth, and Pelican. Additionally, structures can now be configured on a per Biome basis in an identical fashion to mobs through an addition config (titled: ProjectZuluStructureBiomeConfig.cfg).

PZv0.6.0 is identical to v0.5.5 with the exception that it is for MC 1.4.6

Changelog 0.5.5 / 0.6.0
+ Exposed additional Structure Gen Controls:
+-- min Distance can be set per structure. remember this is not a literal distance but an evaluation of the form chunk# % minDistance == 0
+-- Structure printing to log on genertion is disabled by default, can be turned on
+ Exposed Structure Biome Controls : See ProjectZuluStructureBiomeConfig.cfg for toggles
+ Rewriten: Finch, Mammoth, Pelican
+ Tamed Creatures do not despawn on peaceful
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Project Zulu v0.5.4 Released

Download here. A massive rewrite of the AI system and related declarations. Almost all mobs were rewritten with few exceptions. The few that have not been rewritten should be limited to a few hostile mobs: Sandworm, Minotaur, haunted armor, treeent, and cenitpede.

Note that the Mob Controls have been altered to take advantage of sub categories and a number of additional parameters have been exposed. The tracking range and updateFrequency of mobs were reduced to 80 form 128  and 3 to 1 to be in line with vanilla creatures. In my testing the reduced update Frequency caused no ill effects, if you experience jittering increasing the update frequency should resolve it.

Changelog 0.5.4
Major Features:
+ Taming has been added. Limited to Fox for this update to make sure it works and get feedback. If tamed, Mobs can be re-named by right-clicking with paper.
+--If Tamed, a nameplate Nameplate will appear above the mobs head containing name, health, and state.
+--- Nameplate Scale (size) and Opacity can be changed from the Config.
+--Righ clicking toggles between the 4 states: Wander, Sit, Follow, and Attack. Entities only follow owner if in Follow mode.
+ Refactors Mob Declarations and Mob Config. Mob Options moved into Individual Mob Sub-Categories. More options are now exposed.
+ Mob AI has been written. Path finding should be noticeably better. In theory they should be less resource intensive. Not rewritten include: Sandworm, Minotaur, haunted armor, Treeent, and Cenitpede.

Minor Features:
+ Compatable with Future ExtrabiomesXL API Changes
+ Added Mob Biomes Config to specify which Biomes Mobs can spawn in. Unneeded if using external mod such as MSC. Note: False means only that the mobs spawn won't be added by this mod, other mobs may still add the spawn (such as MSC). Biomes from all mods should Appear.
+ Mob Reporting Spawns in the Log are now a Toggleable Option per mob (disabled by default)
+ Fixed a bug with the distance check for structures were not being calculated correctly

+ All Creatures should now drop experience.
+ Spawn Rates adjusted across the Board. For the most part this places my mobs on equal footing with vanilla mobs.
+ Recipe for ironScaleArmorBoots should now yield Iron and not Gold
+ Horse Jerkiness Reduced/Gone, accelerates akin to Vanilla Pig Riding
+ Tombstones should no longer count as wood and are now not burnable as fuel
+ Fix issue that when Tombstone is Placed Text sometimes disappears
+ Fixed issue where disabling Aloe Vera Seeds tried to Access Aloe Vera Block if it was disabled.
+ Cleaned up Aloe Vera Declaration, now used proper forge method for custom ItemBlock

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Project Zulu v0.5.3 Released

Download here. The biggest feature is the addition of the Centipede, a serpent like mob. Unlike the Sandworm, every piece of the Centipede is attackand will follow the head's path, allowing it to circle objects. This will be the base of all future Serpent-style mobs.


Health / Armour: 30 / 2
Attack Strength: 4 / 5 / 6
Move Speed: 0.3 / 0.65 (x2)
Breeding Item: N/A

Drops: Meat Scraps
Description: Hostile. Collision-Attack Mob. Peaceful during day, hostile at night.
Spawns only at night.
Vanilla Spawns: Plains, ExtremeHills, Forest + Hills, Taiga, Swampland
ExtrabiomesXL: Birch Forest, Forested Hills, Forested Island, Green Hills, Redwood Forest, Lush Redwoods, Temperate Rainforest, Woodlands

Universal Flower Pot

The Universal Flower Pot is a Container Block styled after the vanilla entity. A single item can be placed in the pot and rendered. By default, this block replaces the vanilla flower pot. There is an option to disable that functionality in the configuration file. It currently cannot render blocks that have a custom render and Coloured blocks such as grass appear colourless. Blocks that use a tile entity will be rendered in their Item form. 

Detailed Changelog 5.3
Major Features:
+ Centipede Mob, Health 30/2,  0.3/0.65(x2), Hostile at night
+ Universal Flower Pot, replaces default Flower Pot. Max stack size of 1. Config option to not replace default, can then be crafted by placing default into Crafting Grid.

Minor Additions:
+ Added Random Horse Spawn with serpeate Config Controls.
+ Distance Check for Structures, note that this adds a spacing between locations where structure spawning locations are possible. Spawn chances should be adjusted accordingly
+ Horses can now be manually triggered to jump by pressing the space key

+ Mummy is now Considered Undead, not a Spider
+ Added Haunted Armor Spawn Control to Config
+ Fixed a bug where Spike were not being placed with the appropriate MetaData
+ Minotaur and Haunted Armour now have appropriately colored spawn eggs.
+ Tweaked shouldAttackForFavorite for applicable Entities
- Doubled Time on average it should take for Creature to become hositle if holding favorite 
- Will only trigger if not inLoveMode
+ Creatures that are now fed their favorite food will enter love mode and lose anger instead of one then the other. Note that anger loss can now only be triggered if love cooldown is not triggered.
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