Project Zulu v1.1.5

Tombstones and DeathGamerule Integration

Tombstones absorb items dropped via the DeathGamerules. Experience orbs hover above tombstone when loot is present. Right-clicking with empty hand will loot all items that will fit in the players inventory.

Only items dropped via the Project Zulu drop 'Item or XP' gamerules will be "absorbed" in this way, others will fall to the ground as normal.

Structure Non-Trivial Trivial Overhaul

The structure system has been overhauled under the hood. How they generate has changed, but what they generate has not: they should all look the same with minor tweaks. The maze generator backing the Pyramid and labyrinth structure was smoothed out. The mazes are more likely to have turns in them than before.

Part of this overhaul is that the structure placer item will generate structures away from the direction the playing is facing such that their edge is on the block in front of the player. Sneaking while placing a structure will generate it centered on the players location. This is only translation, the structure itself does not turn to face the player.


Oasis looks the most different, is now more square but generates level with the sand so is unnoticeable.


The Cemetary is more likely to generate a number of its buildings within it than before. Slightly more grass and diversification of tombstones.


Only first level shown, full pyramid obviously always generates
Pyramid contains a few subtle changs. Entrance is now pseudo randomly placed, though still favours one side. Stairs more elegantly generated into the structure.


Labyrinth is the least changed. The staircase from the entrance is slightly longer I think.

Customizable Entity Attributes

The base entity attribute values are customizable for all entities via the MobControl config file. Customizeable attributes are max health, movespeed, followrange, knockbackresistance, and flight chance.  In MC 1.6 the attribute system uses NBT to save the base values for each individual entity, so changes to the base attributes will only apply to new entities created after the change.

Localization Files

The Minecraft .lang file  format is not followed for PZ localization. Each module has its own en_US.lang files to provide the english localization. That obviously only provides english but the functionality is there for other languages if desired (i.e. Danish - da_DK.lang, French - fr_FR.lang, Russian - ru_RU.lang). In theory end-users are able to also customize the language via resource packs.

Minor Notes

Project Zulu entities now use the Strength attribute for damage calculations.
Fix error in Project Zulu structure generation when determining valid locations.
Fix error with haunted armor render in mob spawners.
Fix splash potions only applying to EntityLiving as opposed to EntitLivingBAse (such as players).
Fix armadillo render.
Fix lizard spit render and collision detection.
Ostrich, as well as other entities, will no longer retaliate against creative players.
Ostrich default speed increased from 0.5f to 0.8f.

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