Didn't do much today. Finished that TreeEnt model I started a while ago. I think I may have went overboard with the detail. And then at the end of it all I show it to a friend and he says it looks like an Iron Golem.


Well it is what it is at this point. 

The Leaves/Stems on its back are going to be angled. Techne doesn't play well with angles, at least not with pieces so its easier to set them when I import the java. I also have to manually add all the child pieces. Love Techne, hate Techne. Couldn't do this without it though. Well, I suppose someone could have made a blender exporter. I wonder why no one has done that.

I also figured out how to add an overlay so I can give my bosses a health bar. I'm thinking of adding a lighting effect when in the desert and looking at the sun. Or experiences exhaustion. I should probably add breathing effects. Depending on how that works out I'll add a brighting adjustment period when going from dark to light place.

Anyway, off to watch dinosaurs in space!

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