Project Zulu v0.5.5/0.6.0 and Support for MC 1.4.6

Download here. Minor Changes. Finished rewriting a few more mobs: Finch, Mammoth, and Pelican. Additionally, structures can now be configured on a per Biome basis in an identical fashion to mobs through an addition config (titled: ProjectZuluStructureBiomeConfig.cfg).

PZv0.6.0 is identical to v0.5.5 with the exception that it is for MC 1.4.6

Changelog 0.5.5 / 0.6.0
+ Exposed additional Structure Gen Controls:
+-- min Distance can be set per structure. remember this is not a literal distance but an evaluation of the form chunk# % minDistance == 0
+-- Structure printing to log on genertion is disabled by default, can be turned on
+ Exposed Structure Biome Controls : See ProjectZuluStructureBiomeConfig.cfg for toggles
+ Rewriten: Finch, Mammoth, Pelican
+ Tamed Creatures do not despawn on peaceful

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