Project Zulu v0.5.4 Released

Download here. A massive rewrite of the AI system and related declarations. Almost all mobs were rewritten with few exceptions. The few that have not been rewritten should be limited to a few hostile mobs: Sandworm, Minotaur, haunted armor, treeent, and cenitpede.

Note that the Mob Controls have been altered to take advantage of sub categories and a number of additional parameters have been exposed. The tracking range and updateFrequency of mobs were reduced to 80 form 128  and 3 to 1 to be in line with vanilla creatures. In my testing the reduced update Frequency caused no ill effects, if you experience jittering increasing the update frequency should resolve it.

Changelog 0.5.4
Major Features:
+ Taming has been added. Limited to Fox for this update to make sure it works and get feedback. If tamed, Mobs can be re-named by right-clicking with paper.
+--If Tamed, a nameplate Nameplate will appear above the mobs head containing name, health, and state.
+--- Nameplate Scale (size) and Opacity can be changed from the Config.
+--Righ clicking toggles between the 4 states: Wander, Sit, Follow, and Attack. Entities only follow owner if in Follow mode.
+ Refactors Mob Declarations and Mob Config. Mob Options moved into Individual Mob Sub-Categories. More options are now exposed.
+ Mob AI has been written. Path finding should be noticeably better. In theory they should be less resource intensive. Not rewritten include: Sandworm, Minotaur, haunted armor, Treeent, and Cenitpede.

Minor Features:
+ Compatable with Future ExtrabiomesXL API Changes
+ Added Mob Biomes Config to specify which Biomes Mobs can spawn in. Unneeded if using external mod such as MSC. Note: False means only that the mobs spawn won't be added by this mod, other mobs may still add the spawn (such as MSC). Biomes from all mods should Appear.
+ Mob Reporting Spawns in the Log are now a Toggleable Option per mob (disabled by default)
+ Fixed a bug with the distance check for structures were not being calculated correctly

+ All Creatures should now drop experience.
+ Spawn Rates adjusted across the Board. For the most part this places my mobs on equal footing with vanilla mobs.
+ Recipe for ironScaleArmorBoots should now yield Iron and not Gold
+ Horse Jerkiness Reduced/Gone, accelerates akin to Vanilla Pig Riding
+ Tombstones should no longer count as wood and are now not burnable as fuel
+ Fix issue that when Tombstone is Placed Text sometimes disappears
+ Fixed issue where disabling Aloe Vera Seeds tried to Access Aloe Vera Block if it was disabled.
+ Cleaned up Aloe Vera Declaration, now used proper forge method for custom ItemBlock

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