Project Zulu v0.6.3 Released

New module introduced Dungeon. Which will hold a finite number of adventure map focused items. The First edition is the Limited Mob Spawner, a Spawner with a GUI.

Limited Mob Spawner
Contained in Module: Dungeon


A Custom Mob Spawner functionally identical to the vanilla spawner with the obvious exception of having a GUI to control key properties. It can only be accessed when in Creative mode. It will also only function while in Creative.

Spawn Delay has an associated minimum and maximum which controls how long after a mob spawns that another mob will be spawned.
Activation Range controls how close a non-creative player must get to activate the mob spawner.
Max Nearby controls the maximum, of the current entity it is trying to spawn, can be nearby before it will try to spawn another one.
Max Spawn is a new property that controls the maximum number of creature will be spawned from the mob spawner before it will remove it self. Note that a value of 0 will spawn creatures indefinitely.

A mob spawner can be setup to cycle through several different creatures by inputting the creature full name and an associated weighted chance. The button marked by an ellipsis will toggle a scroll list containing displaying select able entities. The Option button will toggle the ability to select a sound to be played when the creature spawns.

Custom sounds can be loaded by placing .ogg files into the config/Project Zulu/CustomResources directory that is created on start-up.

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