Project Zulu v0.5.2 for MC 1.4.5 Released

Download here. Mostly fixes and tweaks. Major change is the config. Blocks are now toggleable, just set the blockID to 0 in the config. Default IDs assigned have changed, Blocks start at 1200, Items start at 9000.

The Config itself has changed. Backup your world and save the config. You'll need to manually transfer over the block/item ids to the appropriate blocks/items. If you load up your world without changing the IDs any blocks/items in the world will be erased. 

New Mob:

Haunted Armor

Health / Armour: 25 / Based on Iron/Gold Armor
Attack Strength: Based on Iron/Gold Sword
Move Speed: 0.25 / 0.5
Breeding Item: N/A
Drops: Iron /Gold Weapons. 1/4 Chance of Armored Zombie dropping equivalent.

Description: Hostile. Collision-Attack Mob.
Only Spawns in Labyrinth and Cemetary Structure .

Detailed Change log for  0.5.2
Make backup of world before upgrading. Config has changed, if Config values are wrong those blocks will be set to Air.

Major Changes:
+ Config names and default values have been changed.  Blocks >~1200 / Items >~9000.
+ Blocks are Now Disableable. To disable set the blockID in the config to 0.
+ Using recently added Vanilla OreDictionary recipies for wood. Let me know if anything is missing.
+ Haunted armor mob added
+ Haunted Armor will now spawn in Cemetary and Labyrinth Structures
+ Added Item to Place Various Structures to creative inventory. Will place structure upon released-right click.
+ Fur Pelt can be crafted into Leather + Raw Fiber (New Item)
+ 4 Raw Fiber (Shapeless) can be crafted into 1 String

Minor Changes:
+ Fixed Creeper Blossom being invisible when exploding
+ Reduced call for help distance
+ All Blocks have been added to a Custom Creative Tab
+ Cemetary / Labyrinth palcement has been improved
 -Check changed from Cross to X
 -Upperlimit on terrain deviation was added
+ Cemetary will not generate in deserts. In other biomes locations it will not replace snow, trees, and leaves.
+ Chest texture will now look like chest in current texture pack
+ Mimic will no longer drop fur
+ Minotaur will now drop 7 exp on death
+ Sandworm will now only spawn at night
+ Vultures will now lose aggro when they lose LOS
+ Vultures will now only attack a player with less than 15 health, irrelevant to how many vultures are nearby
+ Frogs are now always passive and will never attack.
+ Fixed Sword Coconut Bug: Swords will now be damaged, and damaged swords can be used.
+ Tombstones will only be editable (after initial placement) if a pickaxe is in hand
+ When Riding horses into water, they will now swim instead of sinking.


  1. This comment has been removed by the author.

    1. Horn bills are mass spawning in droves, or should I say flocks.

      Be advised I scanned config and saw max in radius is 12.. Im seeing 50+ flocks. And Rhino Horn Bill isn't listed to config.

      CMD window is showing me the quick spam of it putting in hornbills.

      Is there a mod I have overriding your coding or is it because I don't see them in the config it doesn't have a cap?

      (sorry for originals deletion, showed I had double posted, it lied)

    2. You are right I forgot to add it to the Config. I'll upload a fix, likely titled 0.5.2b here in a little while.

      Note that as a creature that despawns the check will occur a lot. Same as finch. Usually a have a secondary spawn rate adds a additional chance for the mob to not spawn (as the minecraft vanilla rate at the minimum is still too much for flying mobs it seems.)

      As a side note. I think I've fixed that double posting issue.

      Oh, the maxInRadius is depreciated at this point. I believe the check was causing other issues. The issue was I needed to limit the spawning of animals that didn't despawn, they were swtiched to vanilla animal spawn rates.