Project Zulu v0.4.5 for MC 1.4.2 Released

The next update is upon some of us. This is the update for users 'stuck' on 1.4.2, I'll be porting the 1.4.4/1.4.5 version tommorow. In the future, 1.4.5 will be my primary development version. I will continue supporting 1.4.2 based on demand.

You can find it over here.

Big Features: 


Health / Armour: 30 / 6
Attack Strength: 3 / 4 / 6
Move Speed: 0.5 / 1.0
Breeding Item: N/A
Drops: Fur, Meat Scraps

Description: Hostile. Collision-Attack Mob. Periodically will charge which increases its speed.

Only Spawns in Labyrinth structure.


The Tombstone is a sign-like block. Placing the tombstone opens a GUI to edit the text. The text can be edited after placing by right clicking on the block. On player death, a Tombstone will be placed at the location the player died if it is an air block with the death message of the player written on it. This feature is toggleable in the Config File.


The Cemetary is a primarily decorative structure that spawns on the surface of the world. It can on occasion spawn with a chest. Its primary utility is that it spawns with a large number of Tombstones, which are not craftable.

This spawns underground (entrance is flush-ish with surface)
The Labyrinth is a single layer dungeon which contains Minotaur monster spawners. Like Pyramids chests randomly spawn and may be mimics. Certain wall segments may contain hidden chests and monster spawners.

Smaller Features:
+Pyramid, Cemetary, and Labryinth spawn rates can be adjusted in the Config. Larger number is more rare. Do not set at or below zero (use the Spawn option instead to turn it off).
+ The Render ID of blocks will now show up in the Forge Log.
+Render ID can be manually triggered in the Config. -1 Will grab an ID as normal, setting to some other value will override with value provided.
+Eagles and Pelicans will now fly higher

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