Project Zulu for Minecraft 1.7

1.7 Support is finally added via Project Zulu v1.2.8.0. Download Page.

Project Zulu is also now being distributed as a single jar - Compltete, Core, Blocks, Dungeon, and World no longer exist. The modules still exist internally and can be disabled in a new configuration file: ProjectZuluModules.cfg.

If desired, they can also be disabled by deleting the appropriate named .class files from the ProjectZulu jar file.
  • Block Module: delete ProjectZulu.jar\projectzulu\common\ProjectZulu_Blocks.class
  • Mobs Module: delete Delete ProjectZulu.jar\projectzulu\common\ProjectZulu_Mobs.class
  • Dungeon Module: delete ProjectZulu.jar\projectzulu\common\ProjectZulu_Dungeon.class
  • World Module: delete ProjectZulu.jar\projectzulu\common\ProjectZulu_World.class
This release should otherwise be identical to its 1.6 predecessor.

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