Just Another Spawner v0.6.0 (1.4.7/1.5+)

  • Can see sky check was tweaked to check if higher than highest non-opaque block.
  • Two new tags: minSpawnHeight, and maxSpawnHeight. Function as their names imply, identical to the light tag with the exception that min and max are their own tags.
  • Chainable Tags. These are tags that are parsed with either an AND or OR status. Chainable tags are block, light, sky, minSpawnHeight, and maxSpawnHeight. Tags are formatted identically as before, except they can be prefixed by | or & to set their behaviour. Previous versions parsed all tags as OR and this is still the default behaviour.

Chainable Tags

This is the most exciting feature of the update. The feature is best illustrated with examples.


Tag: {!spawn:sky:block,12}
What this means: Don't Spawn this entity unless it can see sky OR it is on a sand block. So this will spawn on the surface anywhere (such as plains), and anywhere there is sand (such as deserts, possibly underground if sand is there).

As mentioned previously, the default behaviour for chainable tags is to OR them. The above is equivalent to {!spawn:sky:|block,12}. Note how the ':' is still required even if '|' or '&' are present. If we change the tag to an '&' the restrictions are only activated if both restrictions are valid.


Tag: {!spawn:sky:&block,12}
What this means: Don't Spawn this entity unless it can see sky AND it is on a sand block. So this entity will only spawn on the surface with sand. (Such as surface of deserts).


Chainable tags are parsed left to right and can be interrupted with non-chainable tags at will.
Tag: {!spawn:sky:cap,10:&block,12}
What this means: Nothing has changed, sky and &block are parsed as above. Except the entity also has an entity cap of 10.


Chainable tags may also be inserted multiple times for complex effects.
Tag: {!spawn:sky:&block,2:block,87}
What this means: The above entity has two valid cases it will spawn. First, if it is on sand and can see sky. The Second is if it on netherack.

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