Project Zulu v0.3.3 Released

Project Zulu has now graduated to v 0.3.3, you can find it over here.

First, Spikes. 3 Tusks form 1 Spike. Tusks drop from Mammoths, Rhinos, and Boars.  Spikes can be placed on most blocks and will auto adjust orientation and style if placed on the side or bottom of blocks. When placed on wooden and nether fences they form small pikes that give the look of a palisade. On Iron Fences the spikes form a continuous strip in what reminds me of police spike strips.

They can be clicked on with a slime ball or poison droplet (which now will eventually drop from lizards) the spike will become a Sticky or Poisoned Spike respectively. Stick Spikes, in addition to doing damage, will also slow the entity that collides with them. Poison behaves the same except it obviously applies a poison effect instead. At the moment they do 2 damage when any entity comes in contact to them.

Second, Breeding.

The following animals can be bread with the appropriate item:
Bear -Fish
Penguin - Fish
Armadillo - Spider Eye
Boar - Apple
Crocodile - Raw Chicken
Fox - Egg
Frog - Spider Eye
Ostrich - Seeds
Mammoth - Leaves
Rhino - Grass
Rabbit - Red Apple
Breeding essentially works the same as vanilla. Right click to enter love mode. If the animal is hostile, instead of entering love mode it'll reduce the animals anger to zero and it will stop attacking you. In addition, crocodiles and bear may become hostile if you are holding their favourite food.

Third, New Mobs: Finches (Red, Green, and Blue) and Bunnies.

There are some minor tweaks as well. Most animals now drop scrap meat. Flying AI was slightly tweaked and should be more stable. Frog and Boar health and armor were rebalanced.

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