Armor Bar Mod v0.3.0

Armor Bar Mod
Download: See Download Page

A ton of ways to customize each displayed item were added via the config. It can show a graphical bar or a counter to represent amount or durability of the tracked item.

It now also displays the number of arrows in the players inventory and up to 3 additional items (turned off by default, add desired itemID to track to config) in two different formats. Format 1 is counting the number of that item in the inventory and format 2 is displaying the damage/health left of the first item of that type in the inventory.

Config Breakdown for Generic Item (Same Rules apply for fixed Items, though they won't have as many options):

displayGenericItem1 : Sets whether this item is displayed
genericItem1ShiftedID : The shifted ID of the item to be displayed
trackingTypeGenericItem1 : Tracking Type, 0 is for counting, 1 is for damage
horizontalOffsetFromMiddleGenericItem1 : Offset of Diplay from center of screen
verticalOffsetFromBottomGenericItem1 : Offset of Diplay from bottom of screen
displayStyleGenericItem1 : 0 is to diplay colored bar, 1 is for counter , 2 is for both
fontColorGenericItem1 : color of counter string
horizontalStringOffsetGenericItem1 : Offset of Counter String, Horizontal
verticalStringOffsetGenericItem1 : Offset of Counter String, Vertical
maxOfGenericItem1 : Number used for colored bar for reference, anything more than this will show as full bar

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